Best 30 Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Movies for Free

What are the top sites to watch unblocked movies?

Are you crazy about movies? But still wondering how to watch your favorite movies in your school or college campus or hostel! Yes, almost every colleges and office are using firewalls that restrict our fun time entirely. All our favorite movies, TV shows are far away from us because of this Firewall.  We do have good news to cheer you up! We are going share you a list of best-unblocked movie websites sites that paves its way into every Firewall with ease.  You can watch movies 24/7, of course, free.

Unblock all movie website using these following tricks

Well if you are worried that your institution or workplace is not allowing you to watch movies. Here’s a trick for it, you can view all the films specified in our list with no firewall restrictions or any other issues.

Unblock movies with these four simple steps using VPN

unblock movies using vpn
  • Go to the app store and find “Hotspot Shield VPN.”
  • Download the Hotspot Shield VPN
  • Go to the app and click connect
  • Once you connect the VPN, you can go back to the site and watch unlimited movies

You can watch the full video with HD quality and other amazing features like captions, personalization of the film and much more. Now all your favorite movies are at your fingertips. Scroll down for more.

Try Turning Off your proxy browser

unblock movies site using proxy setting

If your institute or workplace has blocked your favorite movie watching site, try to change the network proxy in your browsers. Go to network or connection option in your browser and disable the network proxy.

Wayback Machine

wayback machine

It is an internet archive that stores amazing websites. Here you can find various versions of the same website. The best part of this is that it contains large sites to watch movies and much more.

Use the Firefox browser from a USB drive

firebox browser from a USB

Well if the firewall is restricting all your favorite sites and extension, this option is the best. You can use a different Firefox browser that’s portable on a USB.

Best 30 movies sites to watch movies for free.


Archive - free movies unblocked is one site that has little chances of being blocked by any firewall. Indeed this is the favorite destination of all movie lovers with no aggressive advertisement hindrance. The best part is that this site legal in most of the countries and its streams unblocked movies, songs, TV series and videos for free. If you love classic film, don’t worry will never disappoint you or gets blocked by any firewall.


  • No annoying advertisements
  • Unlimited unblocked movies, songs, and TV
  • You can watch in many languages
  • Huge collection of classic movies


Tubetv - unblocked movie websites

Well, if you are looking for a more personalized site where you can log in and watch your favorite show. is the best destination with no alternatives. For a faster login process, you can sign in with your Facebook login. Watch all your videos with literally no spammers or bots. is the online streaming portal with a modern media player with amazing features where you select the video quality, language preference and subtitle for both the films and Tv drama shows.


  • No annoying spammers
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Multiple language movies
  • Subtitle option


popcornflix - unblocked movie websites

Do you want to download movies more than just watching online? Then, popcornflix is one site that’s best for you on all times. You can find all the exciting film with no firewall restriction. You can watch unlimited favorite cinema anywhere and anytime. This site is based on torrent technology, and I bet many people will regard this as an illegal site. But, in reality, it’s not. Watch all unblocked movies and unlimited TV shows from the library with no great hindrance.


  • No firewall block
  • You can download unlimited movies
  • Unlimited TV shows

4. Hotstar

Hotstar - Game of thrones

Are you a lover of Indian movies, shows and series and looking for some site worth your time? Then jump into You can watch unlimited movies and series of mostly all Indian languages within a few clicks.  Immerse yourself in all latest TV shows, Bollywood events live sports and also original Hotstar content. If you do love to have a more personalized experience, log in with Hotstar and have the most exceptional streaming experience ever.


  • The best Indian movie collection
  • Live sports
  • Premium subscription available
  • Original Hotstar series

5. Youtube

Youtube - full unblocked movies

Youtube lists second in the global search. Youtube has things more than just a cute dog and cat shows.  There are very few possibilities of this site being blocked in your school or office. Youtube is a storehouse of millions of movies in various languages. Sometimes you may face difficulties to watch the film due to copyright issues. But still, Youtube offers a chance of renting the film at a very low cost.  Hence Youtube is the best option to sneak peek from your college or office. You can watch all your favorite videos with amazing features like an HD option and captions features. Enter your desired movie name and start viewing.


  • Personalized experience
  • HD options
  • Unlimited Films
  • Renting options available at affordable cost



Do you love international movies? Then this is the best site you can ever visit. You can watch in 7 different languages like Arabic, English, Spanish, Russian, Estonian, German and French.  This site is the best destination to watch all the latest movies in various languages. You can choose your favorite movies according to genres and other options

Want more options than just picking out movies? Well, you can find individual descriptions for movies with a lot more information like release date, cast, storyline, technical details, genre, and other details. Do you miss the trailer of your desired movies? Yes, you can find them here. More than merely watching and finding info stuff you can share all the movies with your friends and over social media. All you have to do is to sign up with Facebook ID, email or Twitter ID. You can get the latest updates of the vast collection of movies in fingertips with no great effort.


  • Watch films in 7 different languages
  • Interactive interface
  • Personalized experience
  • Trailer streaming site

7. PopcornTime

popcorntime - free movies unblocked is an amazing app for watching all your favorite unblocked movies. You can watch the latest streaming movies with any devices. You can find this website in all operating systems as it works based on the torrent. If you are missing any of your old series, you can find them right here. Just fall in love with your all-time favorite movies.  The PopcornTime consists of a great collection of movies with a vast collection of movies.

Can you believe already there are millions of people who are crazy about Popcorn time? The App works as a streaming portal, so there are very low chances of this App being blocked by any school, college or office. We have great news for all anime lovers.  Popcorn Time has an incredible collection of anime movies and series. The best part is that PopcornTime is available for Windows, Mac, Andriod TV, Linux, and Mac. The only thing is that this App is not available for iOS.


  • Portable for web view, Android and Smart TV
  • No chance of being blocked by Firewall
  • A torrent based website that allows you to download movies

8. Unblocked movies Google sites

Unblock movies google sites

Sometimes we feel very annoying when we find most of our favorite movie sites blocked. Of course, there are no chances of blocking google sites. is one of the most hunted domains blocking this site with Firewall anywhere is quite impossible. If you love movies and can’t resist them at any cost, go for Google subdomain sites. As Google allows everyone to create free subdomains, many sites offer quality movies at free of charge.

You can watch all your favorite movies, songs, TV series and all kinds of exciting things with not wondering whether the site is available or not. This is a smart trick to beat your firewall problems.


  • Trust of Google
  • Impossible chance of being blocked
  • Ideal for watching series

9. Viewster

viewster - free movies unblocked

Are you looking for a site or an app with unlimited movies and no subscription? Then, never miss Viewster. You can find all the latest videos, anime series and TV shows with no great effort. You can find all the movies with quick browsing.  There are a lot of interactive features where you can select the film based on the rating, the time duration, and a brief synopsis.  The best part of Viewster is that you can watch free unlimited movies on both the website and App.

If you are an international film lover, we have great news for you. You have several language options like Spanish, English, French and also German. There are more than ten genres to choose a movie like Documentary, Science Fiction, Horror, Classic, Thrillers, Romance and much more. Decide the movie quality yourself whether you want it to be HD quality or 360p or 720p. Are you worried about watching international movies with no subtitle? Viewster has a solution for it where you can view all foreign films with the caption.


  • Ideal site for international film lovers
  • HD quality movie streaming
  • Subtitle options
  • More than ten genres to watch movies
  • Film rating features

10. YahooView

Best 30 Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Movies for Free 1

Have you ever heard of Hulu before? It is now streaming with the name YahooView. It’s a great platform which is now available only for the USA, and they are trying up to build up the platform for worldwide streaming.  You can watch quite a lot of movies in the free subscription, but you can also avail for a premium subscription.  The collection is unique that you couldn’t have expected this site unblocked by Firewall.  It is yet another entertaining site for all Anime lovers and series lovers.


  • Unlimited movie streaming site
  • Free subscription
  • Ideal for Anime lovers
  • No chance of being blocked by Firewall

11. Sony Cackle

Best 30 Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Movies for Free 2

Sony Crackle is a one-stop destination for entertainment lovers. No language barriers or annoying advertisement issues. On the other hand, there is no possibility of Sony Crackle being blocked at any chances.  You can watch movies directly through the web or download the app according to your choice. Don’t get worried about the quality this is a promising site that competes with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Everything is possible on this site. You can watch international movies, TV series latest films and other great entertainment stuff.

Just fall deep in love with the classic movies where you can find nowhere. Premium subscription is available where you can watch videos with no advertisements. You can connect Sony Crackle with other devices like Apple TV, Amazon Prime TV, Chromecast and different smart televisions.


  • Offers services equivalent to NetFlix and Amazon Prime
  • Ideal for international film lovers
  • Compatible with PC, mobile and Smart television
  • The free subscription itself offers plenty of movies

13. MoviesNoLimit

Best 30 Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Movies for Free 3

This is yet another no-cost unblocked site to watch all latest movies, classic movies,  anime, and other popular series. Just like the name, the site withholds a massive number for videos for your watch list with no compromise in entertainment. You can also subscribe with moviesnolimit for the more personalized movie experience. More than just watching movies, you can also track the list of previously viewed videos.  The best part is that the site gets updated periodically so that you can watch all the latest videos with no great effort.  This is a perfect destination for free movies unblocked site.


  • A large collection of movies
  • Track watch history
  • Personalized experience
  • Ideal site for classic movies

14. SnagFilms

Best 30 Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Movies for Free 4

SnagFilms is an excellent site with a relatively large number of movies. It is one best place where you can watch all your favorite videos without any subscription or payment. You can find videos in all genres and categories.  It is yet another site that has creates trusted with a huge lot of audience. The unblocked movies are no more far away from you.


  • Good movies collection
  • The top online streaming site
  • Free
  • High audience engagement


Best 30 Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Movies for Free 5

If you can’t resist movies, then you won’t be resisting this site too.  There are hundreds of videos you can watch, the recent one and the old one too. The menu of the site is quite clear that it will be very helpful for your pick your favorite movie or TV shows. The list includes Recent TV shows, Recent Movies, Popular TV shows, featured films and latest videos.  You can also sort out movies through genres and the release year. Don’t worry about poor quality all the movies and shows are streaming in HD.


  • HD quality movies
  • You can choose the film according to the genre
  • A unique site for feature film lovers
  • You can watch unlimited free movies

16. Vumoo

Best 30 Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Movies for Free 6

If you are in search of an Anime series, well you can find a good collection of films here. It is a one-stop destination for all latest movies, TV series and also Anime series. Of course, every video streaming on this site is free. An interactive home page will help you out to pick a movie in case you need assistance in choosing a movie. Watch full unblocked movies with no great effect.


  • Free site
  • Ideal for Anime lovers
  • Interactive home page
  • No annoying advertisements

Which is the best unblocked movie website?

Vumoo is the best site to watch unblocked movies.

 I have run through all the websites to pick out the best one. I find this one very interesting, looks more like Netflix. Indeed the library has a vast collection of movies, and I am sure you are going to enjoy this site for sure. Yes, there are many chances of Vumoo turning into your all-time favorite. Well, it has a vast library collection where there is an extensive movie collection.

The list consists of all best-unblocked movie sites. Watch all your favorite movies with a website that feels best for you.  Enjoy watching all your favorite movies from your school, college, and office with no firewall restrictions and free of cost. What are you waiting for? Jump into your favorite sites.

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