Unblocked: 10 Working Proxy & Mirror sites

Proxy1, proxy2, proxy3, proxy4, proxy5. Welcome to the definitive online guide on the LimeTorrent. If you do not know much about Limetorrent what it is and how it works? Is it legal to browse or what is it a real website? These are the questions we will answer you in this article.

Limetorrent is a famous torrent search engine and directory where you can find TV series, Films, games, music and much more. Limetorrents do not host any torrent file or folder on their servers it will redirect you to another torrent host or website. On Limetorrents you will not find any porn link or adult content. They prevent it and keeps the lime torrent family safe.

The website is very popular according to similar.web it has over 24.60million monthly user. Mostly user comes from United State, Canada, Brazil, and India.

Is it safe/legal to browse without a VPN or Proxy?

No, It is not safe or legal to browse Limetorrent.  There are some reasons…

  1. was the main domain and after the ban, you will see an unlimited amount of websites that show they are official Limetorrent website but in reality, they are not so beware.
  2. Limetorrents mention in their FAQ section that they are not hosting any torrent files on their server’s but they redirect you to another host and you don’t know what script they load or on which website you’ll go. So it’s not a secure way.
  3. Also, the government bans all torrent website and they prevent you to open any torrent website.

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How To Unblock LimeTorrents?

If you are not able to open the site. The reason is that LimeTorrent is blocked from governments and ISP. The site is blocked in different countries including India, UK, Australia, Spain, Denmark, and Norway. So you do not access it directly.

Here are options that help you to unblock LimeTorrents…

The best option to unblock Limetorrents is VPN. You can use proxy as well but VPN is a more secure way to use.

Follow these steps…

1. First of all, install a VPN on your system and activate it… It will give you a new IP address which allows you to browse LiteTorrents. In our case, we are going to use BetterNet. Unblocked: 10 Working Proxy & Mirror sites 1

2. Click on Select Virtual Location and Select a country where you want to connect it. Unblocked: 10 Working Proxy & Mirror sites 2

Select one of them and you can download and browse the website. After activation of the VPN, it will hide your original IP and give you a new one which helps you to stay anonymous.

Now the site is unblocked enjoy…

1. Nord VPN

2. Tor Guard

3. Cyber Ghost

4. Express VPN

5. Pure VPN

How To Identify Real LimeTorrent site?

After the government ban you noticed that many domains appear who promised that they are the official source but in reality, it is not true so be aware while browsing these domains.

The best and easy way to identify real domain is the open main domain for example in LimeTorrent site case do these steps…

  1. Open official domain that is blocked now … Open
  2. If it is blocked it will redirect you to the new one which is now used and it will be the official and real domain. If you search it will redirect you to… which is valid and trusted source.

Mirror & Proxy Sites To Unblock LimeTorrents.Cc

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How to download limetorrents movies

Using limetorrents you can download unlimited Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Applications, Anime and much more…

For downloading you have to follow these steps…

First of all Setup your VPN.

1. First Enter “” in your internet browser. You will see homepage like this…

limetorrent unblocked

2. Next, You can browse different categories according to your choice or you can directly search from the search bar. For example, I search for “Men in Black International 2019”. proxy and mirror

3. Now click on one of the links. If will send you on next page. - download movies

Here on the download page, you can see the different option.

  1. Download torrent
  2. An‌on‌ymous Download
  3. Magnet download

If you want to download just torrent file then click on download torrent and if you want to download anonymously then click on “Anonymous download” and in last if you click on Magnet download. It will ask you to open your torrent download and you can directly download it.

We recommend that you do not download any software, movie or file without VPN.


Overall the website is doing great. A good thing about this website is it does not allow any adult content anyone can browse it anywhere.

After government and cyber department actions the site goes down and now on internet unlimited spammy website appears that say they are the official source.

In the end, we do not recommend you to go against your government decisions so check it if it is ban in your region then its better to stay away and go for better and valid source.

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