15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn

Watching movies and online content is the new cool of this generation. The internet speeds are getting higher and the internet packages cost are getting lowers. It really makes every sense of watching movies and serials online, rather going to a theater spending money onto it. In today’s time, we hardly find leisure time, and when it comes we start finding the best online websites to watch favorite shows. I am addicted to it, that’s the reason; I rarely watch a movie in a theater. There are premium online streaming portals and they are doing fantastic jobs. We have been watching movies and online content on Netflix, the biggest online streaming portal.

For years now, we people had been watching free online content on Coke and Popcorn. The online streaming portal was a breeze for online streaming lovers. The bad luck for us, the streaming portal has been shut down. It’s really a shame that such a high-quality, customer-oriented channel has been taken down from the operations for some copyright content reasons.

The problem comes now; we were bombarded with some clone online streaming websites. We were promised to receive the same features, function, and quality to the level of coke and popcorns. I checked almost 100 websites before coming with the mentioned online alternative to the coke and popcorn. I see some clone websites also install malicious codes or software in the devices. So, beware before all gone.

What is so special about coke and popcorn?

I see coke and popcorn has raised the bar higher for the rivals. I do not think any website would reach to the level of this iconic online streaming website. Before digging further and exploring some potential online streaming website, let’s figure out why Coke and popcorn were that famous?

Coke and popcorn providers very much in the quality content in abundance. They were regular and update content every hour. I use to visit this website every by and now just to check if there was some appealing content there.

At that time the popularity of this online streaming portal was on the sky. This was getting as many as millions of views every day. People visit this portal to watch Game of thrones serials, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy and much more.

You could find the latest episode as soon as they streamed on the official channel in high definition quality.

There has not been any confirmation regarding why the portal was taken down. The portal was offering pirated content and this can be the potential reason for them being shut down.

The Key features of Coke and popcorn:

  • A clean, simple interface without popping-up ads
  • Offered content in various quality
  • Update content religiously
  • Provide movies or serial as soon as it premiered on the official channel
  • Offered services free of cost
  • Also provided the option to download videos

Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn:

These are some free online movies streaming websites. The channels are not that good as Coke and Popcorn. Still, these can offer you the best experience on our observations. It is possible some of the shutdowns to the time you reaches this content. So, we try our best to provide you the good portals to watch free content. Stick to this blog and see what has compiled for you.

1) Popcorn Flix

popcornflix - coke and popcorn movies

After the coke and popcorn were taken down, I was really hunting for a possible gateway to the free movies. I found this blog a magnificent addition to the list. If you really want to stream free movies and download them on your computer, must visit this portal. They offer content in high definition resolution and content update is regular.

I navigate through many sections and witnessed an ample amount of content is available over there. Every movie what gets released was there, to watch or download free. Overall reviews regarding the blog are pretty good and the Alexa ranking is showing an upward trajectory about this. This portal can really fill up the space created by shutting down the coke and popcorn.

You find content in various languages, about all regions throughout the world without any hiccup. Just search for any movie you want, and select the possible resolution, that’s it.

  • Provide content in various formats
  • Content from all regions of the world
  • Clear and clean navigation
  • Impeccable interface
  • Option to download and store for offline
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

2) Yidio.com

coke and popcorn alternative

This website at some levels meets the quality of coke and popcorn. The website really serves the users and offers them a multitude of option to live stream videos, store offline or watch later. This site is one of the best alternatives to the coke and popcorn. You can use the filters to watch movies as per your desire. A separate genre list has also been showcased on the right side widgets. Dozens of genres are there, just pick one, and all movies of the genre will be there. The movie site also credits the top content providers including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Now. The movie site offers a clean and simple interface with little charges to get the movie onboard. The video quality is up to the marks and options are vivid.

You can download the application to watch movies on your palm. The site offers everything under USA copyright laws and never uploads any content without the creator’s consent. Yes, you have to pay a little amount, a tiny compared to the top movie site portals.

  • Get all genre content
  • All movies and shows under one floor
  • Use provided filters to narrows down searching
  • The premium portal charges a tiny amount
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

3) Showbox

coke and popcorn game of thrones

This website offers content in a variety of resolution and formats. I have been using this blog recently and totally impressed the way it’s designed. The design looks sober and offers you everything on the main page.

The user who loves to get into the Web serials or shows must visit this once. You find the content what could never be found anywhere else.

You can download or live to stream the movie or the show according to the size of the file you want. This feature adds great value, as sometimes, a user’s data plan does not allow him to download a bigger and higher resolution movie. You can choose the desired resolution and get it to store offline.

The website has also developed a mobile application to provide everything on one step away. Now, you can download the application from the play store and accomplish your tasks. Showbox will make you meet another magnificent world by features. These high-class and easy to use features are not available on some premium portals even. So, give this portal a short and must visit this to get everything one touch-away.

  • Free movies and shows
  • Watch high resolution or low-resolution videos
  • Stream online
  • Get all content available with a mobile application
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Mind-boggling interface
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

4) Tubi Live

tubi live

If you have been looking forward to watching free online content, you have landed at the right portal now. Tubi Live is another leading free live streaming movies and shows website. You may face a region block issue, people outside Europe faces the issue, if you are facing it now, can change the location to any European country to nail the issue.

Again, it is completely a free portal and offers thousands of free movies, tv shows, web serials and much more.

If you are who cannot afford to purchase a premium subscription to watch latest streamed Game of Thrones Season 08, this is a one-stop-shop for you.

The interface is mesmerizing, clean and sober look speakers for itself. You are not required to register or subscribe first, get it without anything.

Browse any title, movie or TV show and watch it online. You can watch thousands of hours of free streaming videos content without any hiccup.

  • Free content from around the world
  • Watch live stream, store for offline or save for later
  • No need to register, subscribe
  • Clean and sober interface
  • The leading portal with more than 200 partners
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

5) Chillax Live


If you want to enjoy the freedom and facilities of a premium portal and does not intend to pay a penny, Chillax is there for you. The portal has something out of the box for every genre of people. The premium website, allows you to register and get three days of free trial without paying. When three days fad away, come up with a new Email ID and enjoy another free day of watching free online movies, TV shows and much more.

The providers make you access thousands of HD movies; Tv shows even allow you to download them. You are allowed to switch to the desired resolution and download it or watch.

You even can watch them on a mobile phone, on TV and any other device you visit.

Add videos to watch later or wishlist, create a private watch list secured with a password and watch them in leisure.

Yes, you have to register first and provide the details required before getting to the final stage. This is one of the best, secure and ad-free channels to watch free online content.

  • Free of cost live streaming
  • Watch, download in desired video quality
  • Offers content in high definition resolution
  • Create your private wishlist
  • Ads-free
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

6) BigStar Movies


Another good addition to the free live streaming porta lists. This free online streaming website alternative of Coke and Popcorn comes with a wide range of features. This features many easy to navigate sections. You can navigate through featured, all movies, and award-winning movies, popular and recently added.

You can switch to any genre desired and watch movies, tv shows, and web series without spending a single penny. This portal also features high definition videos, and provide content for online streaming or downloading. The users can download, watch it now or watch it later options with the movie clicked.

You can search for any movie by using the search bar on the left-hand side above the sections bar. Or can directly access movies from the pages.

An ads-free online movie providing portal works fine everywhere in the world. The channel provides free thousands of hours of online data and there is a great risk this would go offline anytime soon.

  • A simple and effective interface
  • Thousands of movies, tv shows and animated movies one tap away
  • Can download the app to get easy access
  • Free of cost streaming
  • High definition streaming
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

7) Movie Zion


It was a tough decision, adding this website in the list of the best alternative to coke and popcorn. Our aim was to offer you the best possible online movie streaming websites to fill the gap. The website got limited resources and offers a limited range of movies or TV shows. The reason for the inclusion was the quality of the movies, website navigation, and interface.

Every movie you click on to watch or learn about, the background and entire ambiance around changes in the favor of that movie.

There is less possibility you could find the desired movie, sometimes the links come broken. But, you can request the admin regarding any movie desire, and the team is efficient in providing and fixing the links. Must try this website and see what this portal has offered to the potential users.

  • A seamless interface
  • High definition streaming
  • Complete info regarding movie
  • Clean and simple navigation
  • Efficient team behind
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1


TV series

TV series is another good addition to the list of alternative Coke and Popcorn. If you are the one who watches content online, you would know how popular TV series website is. The website has been one of the top competitors of our inspiration Coke and Popcorn which is now taken down. The website name has become a known frame of reference among online streaming enthusiasts.

You name a TV serial and I would show you the link added to the website. Every TV serial you ever watched, even in your teens, would be there added. The all episodes, with rating, star cast and much more can be learned via visiting the blog.

This was later when the movies section was added. Now the users can witness the top trending or old classic movies from the portal. All resource can be acquired without paying a single penny, without purchasing the subscription. I have been taking benefits from this portal and decided not to reveal this name. As, after that, millions of people start visiting the blog and comes under the radar of copyright enforcement laws.

  • Best spot to watch tv serials
  • You can check the ratings of tv serials with episode
  • Free of cost resources
  • Can watch latest, hot, trending and old classic movies
  • Search any movie, tv-show you desire
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1


Top documentary films

Do you really want to know the reasons for the worldwide popularity of Coke and Popcorn? One of the reasons was, the portal was very regular about updating the documentary content. There are people who love to watch a documentary on various niches and always hunt to get them stored offline or stream online. I once was addicted to the ocean’s creature’s documentaries and it was really hard to find dedicated documentary blogs.

The Top documentary Films help you nourishing in the documentary of all types. They upload documentaries on arrays of niche including biography, performing arts, 9/11 and much more.

There has been given a widget on the right side to choose the topic of the documenter. Once you addicted to watching the documentary, I assure you would be watching them for years onward without a single breakpoint.

The blog offers resources free of cost. You have no need to pay a single penny to get them stored or watch online. Just click on the image, and start watching them online.

  • A free platform to watch the documentary
  • This provides documentaries on various niche
  • A clean sober environment
  • No pop-up or annoying ads
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

10) Hulu

hulu - coke and popcorn alternative to watch game of thrones

If you are online movies watching enthusiasts and not aware of this portal, you might have been living under a rock. One of the big players in the online streaming world, the biggest competitor of Netflix and Amazon Prime Hulu is the best website to watch online content.

Another popular streaming content channel and it rightly deserve this recognition. You can have it in place of Coke and Popcorn and it really fills the bills from all side. The channel does not offer services free, a little fee for purchasing a subscription is required.

If you do not want to pay that amount, can use one month trial period, when the span ends, come with an Email address and enjoy free streaming, until it catches you.

Thousands of hours of premium content is available, browse to your favorite genre of content and spend quality time watching.

The channel offers unmatched services, with high definition videos and simple interface; it stands out in the crowd.

  • Can enjoy a one-month free subscription
  • One of the biggest online streaming channel
  • Thousands of hours of video content available
  • The website offers unmatched content
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

11) PrimeWire


Another free platform to download free movies, tv shows, music even playlist. This platform literally flooded with thousands of movies and TV shows. The special feature of the channel would be its animated movie section. The platform is regular about updating content, particularly animated section. You see hundreds of animated movies, high-definition videos there.

You can download in your desired resolution. The links are there to watch them online or download. The pop-ads lead to porn sites, really annoying. Still, the website deserves a shot for animated lovers.

One can search for any movie by name, title or TV show and download it on the computer, mobile phone or tablet. You need to be careful while downloading movies, dozens of ads get clicked and opened. Do not install any application, the video links will be open and clear. So, no video will demand to install or download a specific application or software.

  • You can filter movies and tv shows by genre, years, movies or any given filter.
  • A free platform for download HD movies
  • The website is particular about updating animated section
  • Overall the movie and TV shows section are good to go
  • Lots of pop-up ads waiting for you
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

12) WatchFree


As the name suggests, the website lets users download or watch movies free. The interface is pretty appealing, and one finds the resemblance in features, functions, and facilities to the Coke and Popcorn. This website has every right to be called a true replica of Coke and Popcorn. You can watch movies online, or download them on our computer. The blog has given a Bollywood touch as well, Indian movies. If you are desired to watch or download Bollywood movies can explore the section and see what has been placed there.

  • You can search for any movie with the name, tv show or year.
  • A free platform to download or stream movies
  • Can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies
  • One of the finest platforms to go with as Coke and Popcorn Replica
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

13) FMovies


If you really are into online movies watching, you need to check this given link. The portal is known as one of the finest around the world. The movies have earned a huge name in the market and come with a great user interface. The porta not only provides a brief introduction of the movie but download movie links along with watching online. I have been using this channel as well and found it very helpful in fulfilling my online movies watching desired.

  • Simple interface
  • Thousands of free movies are there to download or watch
  • A brief intro regarding every movie including cast and crews
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

14) HD Popcorn


HDpopcorn another famed name in the world of streaming and downloading movies free, you see the latest movies added to download and watch. You can search for any movie over there, and download it and store for offline.

They also have given you the top TV serial links. The website largely covers Indian Bollywood content, fills the bills for the Indian Audience.

  • Impressive navigation
  • Added top IMDB list also
  • Can browse movies with English Alphabets showcase on the header
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

15) Hindilinks4u


As the name suggests, the website targets Indian Bollywood movies. If you are living in India and wanting just one name to browse down thousands of movies, HindiLinks4u is one stop shop.

The website updates the movies and other sections as soon as it streamed on the legal channel. The things what I hate about this blog, provide cinema print of the latest released movies. But, they update links with images and quality mentioned, you can check the movie link before downloading.

You can download documentaries, series and other regional cinemas movies as well. The navigation has been rendered and displays, click on them to explore the sections.

  • Provide the latest Hindi movies links
  • Also offers regional cinemas latest release
  • The documentary blend is amazing
15+ Best Alternatives for Coke and Popcorn 1

The Final Thought;

If you love watching online movies, you are good to go with the list. The list has been crafted after great consideration. We checked each and every mentioned blog and reviewed them as per their features and functions.  Some of them are paid but most of them are free and one can easily watch any movie online there.

There are some other websites too like Demonoid, you can also find good stuff on this website.

If you find any other movie site name, free or paid. Please mention it in the comment, pour out your heart, we shall add a potential name certainly.

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